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Welcome to the home of the Renegade Legion! We are an elite family from all around the world. Founded in 1986, we still today continue the renegade legacy. We live with respect, honor, moral values, loyalty, and will die with dignity.

We play many games such as Tibia, Path of Exile, League of Legends, Diablo 3, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Counter-Strike:Source, World of Tanks, Mech-Warrior, Gates of Andaron and more.

We are looking for mature, respectful, loyal, honest and 
honorable people to join our family and have a good time. We do not recruite individuals under 18 years of age, sorry. We do not tolerate racism, drama, disrespect or sexist comments as we are all here to have fun and enjoy playing our games, we don't need extra bullshit. Interested in joining? Sign up and we'll see what you got!

- Member Information:
All new members are recommended to check out the events page for information on quest services, quest practices, guild hunts, boss camps, warzones, deepling bosses and more.

It is recommended for all renegades who wish to participate in events to check the general discussion board and post your available times so events can be scheduled more efficiently for us all.

Guild News    

Daily Warzones and Deepling Boss times

digistyle, Feb 25, 14 3:38 AM.
Below are the times for Unitera. Be sure to be on time, supplied and at the darashia guild hall.

- Deepling Bosses: 8:30pm EST (7 1/2 hours before server save)

- Warzones: 9:30pm EST (6 1/2 hours before server save)

Renegade Legion is now in Unitera!

digistyle, Feb 11, 14 1:40 PM.
Renegade Legion is now in Unitera! Any and all renegades are welcome to transfer with us. So far it's a very nice world and we are enjoying it. Big plans for warzones, deepling bosses, boss camps and poi boss check are on thier way.

Renegade Legion returns to Luminera

digistyle, Jan 4, 13 1:56 PM.
After 10 months or so Renegade Legion has came back to Luminera. Prepare for quest services, boss hunts, warzones, guild hunts and more.

New Graphic Update

digistyle, Apr 7, 12 3:14 PM.
Friday the new site got its next graphic update. We will be trying to update everything, add what is needed, post info on forums and such. Hope everyone likes it!

New Beta Site is UP!

digistyle, Apr 3, 12 3:12 PM.
The new Renegade Legion site is now up for testing!
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We are currently recruiting for Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Tibia, Counter-Strike Source and many other games as we are a multi-gaming community. Interested in joining? Sign up now!
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Legion Lord
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